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An EPCM company serving the oil and gas industry.
Leaders in cost reduction.
Leaders in modularization.
Specializing in heavy oil pads and pipelines.

About Us

Big Rock Consulting Inc. is a concise nimble experienced team with an extensive engineering, design, fabrication and construction background. Cost Reduction leaders.

Our Vision

Big Rock Consulting Inc. believe that as an industry we only get to work on the projects that pass through the Economic gate.

Our Team

Big Rock Consulting Inc. believe a concise team of experienced and talented people provide the highest overall value to our clients.

Why Choose Us

We are by intent different in everything we do to our competition.

We go to great lengths to reduce engineering hours using advanced replication techniques that mean our clients don’t pay for the same thing again and again.

We look at the entire project from well head to facility.

We minimize our own costs insuring our clients’ money goes directly to engineering.

Our cost reduction and schedule capabilities mean we may be able to make a project you believe is uneconomic pass the financial gate to proceed and meet a schedule thought to be impossible.

Our team treats each other like family and don’t let each other down.

We believe working with our clients as part of an integral team allows us to achieve goals that working the old way are not even possible.

Health & Safety

At Big Rock Consulting Inc. we believe safety is an integral part of project design.

With the out of the box approach we take to everything we do we have often found that potential safety and environmental concerns can be completely eliminated or drastically reduced.


Most of our team members have fabrication and or offshore experience.

We have jointly developed the most compact and cost effective designs which drastically reduce the number of modules required for a project.

We understand logistics and shipping including the pros and cons of offshore fabrication.

We know what makes the most cost effective module.

We look at the entire project and this means we don’t build the least expensive module which becomes the most expensive once shipping is involved. Our designs take into account the possible radical changes in currency exchange rate which can turn and economical project into a bust before it even ships.

Cost Reduction

Big Rock Consulting Inc. knows that we only build the economic project.

The days of the production palace with every bell and whistle have gone and won’t be built in North America.

Low oil prices and carbon taxes require a different approach if we are to produce oil and gas in North America and put North Americans to work designing and fabricating the equipment.

Cost reduction and modularization is what we do, and we believe we are the best in the industry because of the way we look at projects.

We are prepared to facilitate value improvement sessions which gets every bodies creative thoughts going and have enabled cost reductions thought to be impossible make their way all the way to the bottom line.

We have also been able to take an existing design even if it has already been optimized and still find major reductions in cost and foot print.

For a step change in cost reduction and foot print size you just need to know where to look and Big Rock Consulting Inc. pride ourselves in knowing exactly where to look to provide those step changes required to make projects in the current environment of low commodity pricing combined with carbon taxing proceed.

An example of typical achievable SAGD well pad cost reduction to an existing design:

• I & C cost reduction up to 15%

• Electrical cost reduction up to 45%

• Electrical Heat Trace cost reduction up to 20%

• Piping cost reduction up to 30%

• Insulation cost reduction up to 25%

• Structural Steel cost reduction up to 25%

• Piling cost reduction up to 30%

• Pad area cost reduction up to 50%

Big Rock Consulting Inc. have been able to reduce the number of modules on a pad from thirteen to 1 shipped in two sections.

With new and emerging technologies we are continuously working to improve on these numbers.

Typical Achievable SAGD Well Pad Cost Reduction to an existing design

I & C Cost Reduction
Electrial Heat Trace
Piping Cost Reduction
Structural Steel Cost Reduction
Pad Area Reduction